OWLast Rites Official Rankings 2/2/2018

The Overwatch League is in full swing, now in its fourth week of matches in season one, and its been a rollercoaster ride so far. Some teams are leaping over what was expected of them and showing the world that they haver a lot more in them than first met the eye, while others are not quite living up to the hype. What is important though is that, at time of writing, ever team has taken a loss now. No one sits with an untainted record and that gives us a much better idea of what our official rankings going forward are going to look like.

That’s right, we’re ready to cast our verdict now that we have all the facts and so without further ado here is the OWLast Rites official team rankings, starting at the Bottom!

Shanghai Dragons
The Shanghai Dragons definitely find themselves at the bottom of this list for the moment unfortunately. Although they may have stolen the hearts of the crowd at the Blizzard arena, they have yet to steal a win away from any of the other teams. They have taken a map here and there, usually looking fairly convincing on control maps with the help of their star dps player Undead, but no more than that it is sad to say. Teamwork would be the word in their areas to improve section of the report card, their Ult management and group engagements looking sloppy at the best of times. However, their past few games have been looking stronger so the plucky reptiles in red clearly haven’t found their final form yet. We look forward to more from this team, who doesn’t like rooting for the underdog!

Dallas Fuel.

Going into the League I think it would be fair to say that most people would have put Dallas in their top three teams and most likely would have bet on them having a pretty secure playoff spot. Well, that isn’t the way things have turned out. Dallas are currently sitting at a 1-6 record having only taken down the San Francisco Shock, which is no where near the record anyone would have expected them to have. Formally team EnvyUs, Dallas sport some of what were assumed to be the most talented players in the League, backed up by being the most recent Contenders winner even against some of the other current OWL rosters. Effect, their star DPS and Tracer specialist, is undisputedly one of the most talented players on any lineup and one of the top 5 Tracers in the game of Overwatch. However, he is either not given enough space to work by his tanks or is focussed down by more co-ordinated opposition because stand out moments from tis player have been far and few between. What is causing this discrepancy with the level Dallas should be playing at is unclear. Whether it be the constant switching up of their lineup, playing away from that classic EnvyUs core and giving the team a lack of stability, or whether it be some inner team dynamics and concerns brought about by a certain Winston player is unknown. What is known is that Dallas really need to start finding a way to step their game up, and quickly, or the boys in blue will be burning out quicker than anyone could have guessed.

Florida Mayhem

Most lists would probably have the Mayhem, formally Misfits, below the Dallas Fuel. While it is true that the two teams sit at the same W/L ratio and the victory the Mayhem have taken was over the Shanghai dragons, and in a match up one might back Dallas to take down Florida I see a key difference between these two team. The Mayhem seem to be finding confidence with every match they play, they are improving little by little. Dallas on the other hand seem to be falling apart at the seams, a shadow of even the team we saw fight a competitive series against Seoul on the first day of the League. Ultimately the Mayhem find themselves in a difficult spot because they sit on the most restrictive roster in the league. The six-man lineup of Misfits are the only players on offer for the Mayhem and, while this team have been playing together for a long time now, it means there is a level of predictability and inflexibility that every team they come up against is taking advantage of. As games have gone on we have seen the Mayhem be a little more adaptive, making the switches they need to and playing more than just their one style. We’ll see how much confidence the win over the Dragons have given them, but there is certainly plenty of room to grow on this roster and they could well be capable of upsets later down the line.

San Francisco Shock

SF Shock are a team that sits with a 2-5 record at the time of writing, but it is fair to say that every loss they have taken has been a good fight. It’s true some of the support play coming out, especially in the timings of game changing ultimate’s like Valkyrie, from Dhak has been questionable at times but this is balanced out by some truly fantastic dps plays from their current star BabyBay. A bit of a team of two sides here they definitely can’t sit any higher on this list for the moment. This team is another example of one that has not yet taken its final form yet however with arguably their aces in the hole Sinatra and Super sitting out on the bench due to not being of qualifying age to play yet. Can the dps prodigy and tank star make a difference? It’s too early to say yet but it will be much easier to judge when we have seen this team at full strength.

Boston Uprising

Boston are definitely the wildcard of the league this season having caused numerous upsets already. Going into OWL most people had this team fairly low down on every standings list simply because a lot of the players were either completely unknown or known in more obscurer scenes to say the least. No more though, Boston now sit at a 3-3 record with one of those victories being the only loss that the London Spitfire have taken in Season 1. Boston have certainly showed up and shown the world that they mean business and while it is still a little early to call what this team could be completely capable of, it is easy to say that if you want to catch what could turn out to be some of the most surprising matches in Overwatch League then you’ll want to catch Boston. The player to watch on this roster for us would be their star dps and Tracer player, Striker, who has shown that he can really make a huge impact on any lobby he is in. For further reading and laughs head to r/competitiveoverwatch to find a fantastic clip on Striker styling on Dallas Fuel’s Taimou when the who came head to head in matchmaking…

LA Gladiators

The Gladiators currently sit at a 3-4 record behind the Boston Uprising on the official rankings and leaderboards. However, I think that it is fair to say that the Gladiators have had the toughest set of matches so far in the Overwatch League playing all but the London Spitfire in terms of the top dogs. In the preseason we saw this team actually take down London in an upset game as well so its certainly true that you can expect some big things from this team going forward. They have won every game they have been expected to win and have made every other game close. There is some fantastic talent on this team in the form of Asher, Surefour, Hydration and, arguably one of the best Zenyattas in the world, Shaz. At the very least this team have got some brilliant character and always put on a good show for the audience both in personality and in gameplay. Shields Up!

Houston Outlaws.

The Outlaws came into the League making no secret of the fact that they wanted to be known as the best in the West. They certainly have demonstrated that there is a huge amount of potential on their roster and that they could well have what it takes to be a play off team. Tis comes with one large caveat though, and that will be how they stack up once they get more opportunities to play some of the top teams in the league. So far, they have been beaten by the Philadelphia Fusion and by the New York Excelsior who are some of the top teams in the League and the victories that Houston have taken have been over some less than stellar teams aside from the Gladiators. Yes, they have looked convincing and yes, the DPS duo of Linkzr and Jake have had some incredible moments, but they have looked shaken when they’ve come up against some of the giants in the League. A team with drive certainly and with their very positive record it would be impossible to put them any lower down on this list, but time will tell if the Outlaws do turn out to be the best in the west or whether they end up run out of town.

Philadelphia Fusion

Another fairly unknown quantity coming into the League, even to themselves, the Philadelphia Fusion have really shaken up expectations and standards within the first few weeks. Due to Visa issues this team only got the opportunity to start playing together at the start of the Overwatch league and so watching them grow together and start to take shape as one of the true powerhouses in the league has been quite the journey. The dps duo of ShadowBurn and Carpe has been a dream to watch, cutting down giants like the New York XL almost single handed. Shadowburn has been known to turn the tide of a lost fight in the favour of the Fusion with a single, albeit insane, Dragonblade and Carpe has looked comfortable going toe to toe with the best of the best Tracers in the League. The real player to look out for, in my opinion, is the previously unknown but now household name that is the D.va god Poko. Poko has demonstrated that players have been underutilising the self-destruct ultimate all this time by using all sorts of crazy geometry to pull off some astonishing things with the ability. His statistics with the hero are truly incredible and it is always thrilling to watch his aggressive style paired up with the Winston of Fragi and the previously mention DPS duo. Fusion are definitely a team to watch moving forward and could be capable of some incredible upsets once they’ve had even more time to gel together.

Poko, pictured above.

LA Valiant

At this point it is fairly indisputable that the LA Valiant are the top of the food chain when it comes to the non-all Korean rosters. They boast probably the most consistent playstyle of any of the teams in the League, losing to only the very best with no real upset or surprises yet to be had. They can be thought of as the gatekeepers to the top three slots, undefeated by anyone but those top three teams. Even then it has to be said that they gave London a run for their money and forced a five game series. Players to watch again include the Dps talent on this team with both Soon and Agilities demonstrating time and again that they are in contention for the best Tracers and Genjis in the League respectively. Very strong and consistent tank and support play as well shapes this team up to be one that rarely makes mistakes and when they do they are mistakes that have been forced out by simply superior play. Improving all the time they are a team that we expect to see make it into the playoffs.

New York XL and the Seoul Dynasty.

It is impossibly to call a winner between New York and Seoul, despite New York taking the victory when the two giants came head to head. Both teams sport some of, if not the most, talented players in the League in all roles. Let’s start with the Dynasty. For a long time now Ryujehong has been celebrated as the best Ana, best support player and probably the outright best Overwatch player the world has seen so far. This is a title that has only been challenged in recent times by Fleta, a newcomer to playing on one of the favourite teams in a tournament, he has shown that his mastery of DPS in Overwatch is difficult if not impossible to match. This is a team that was dominant in Apex for a long time, even before they added the likes of Fleta to the roster and they were absolutely the favourites coming into the league and looked untouchable for the longest time. New York on the other hand were a team that went relatively under the radar in preseason and now have shown that they can thrown down with anyone in the League and come out on top. Saebyeolbe is, in my opinion, probably the best Tracer player in the world. He has demonstrated that he can shut down any other Tracer in a 1v1 and that plays that he opens up by targeting, not only the supports of the opposition, but also their star DPS and literally game winning. They also sport Jjonak who has shown that he is quite literally a third dps player in the form of a Zenyatta, constantly out damaging his DPS players and brining a level of lethality to a support role that we don’t see anywhere else in the League. Overall, both of these teams are incredible, and it will take a lot more matchups and maybe even a shift in meta to clearly define who is the best between them. Either way, we expect to see them comfortably into the playoffs with more montage worthy plays and terrifying showings to come.

London Spitfire

Finally, we arrive at the very top of the mountain, the London Spitfire. This was not a decision that has been made lightly and until last night it was impossible to pull this team of juggernauts away from the NYXL and the Dynasty. However, in a truly dominant and overwhelming display of power in their first matchup against the Seoul Dynasty, they walk away with a 4-0 victory. The London Spitfire, a merger of Kondoo Panthera and GC Bousan from Apex who are both ex-champions of that tournament, are the best team in the League. They have the most flexible dps lineup, their tank core has shown that they rarely put a foot out of line and the support core are working on a near super human level of intelligence. They may not have the most individually talented players, although Birdring, Fissure, Fury, Hooreg and Profit may beg to differ, but it is their incredibly aggressive and overwhelming dive style of engagement and their teamwork that has left their mark on the top of the leader board. For the moment, the Spitfire have shown that they will be the team to beat moving forward and that when it is time to come out and stare down the toughest teams in the League, they can put up a force to be reckoned with unlike any other. Look forward to seeing more sheer brilliance out of this squad and to seeing if either the NYXL or the Seoul Dynasty can take the thrown back from the new kings. #AcesHigh

Thank you so much for reading, we hope you’re looking forward to move Overwatch League as much as we are. Stay tuned for more updates and more breakdowns from us very soon!

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