Blizzard get off of the payload as new Deathmatch game type is announced.

It’s been no secret that Blizzard’s dev team have been against the idea of adding a Deathmatch style mode to its objective focused team FPS. Game director Jeff Kaplan notes in Overwatch’s most recent Developer Update video that when asked a year ago at Blizzcon if the game would see something like Deathmatch the answer was no. He says that the development team “didn’t feel that it was right for the game” and that their vision for both quick play and competitive modes was a team based experience and not players “off doing their own thing”.

However, just as Roadhog has gone from a fearsome pick to a fearfully bad one, things have changed. It seems that with the inclusion of Overwatch’s arcade mode the development team are a lot more comfortable trying out modes with players without having to introduce it as part of the core experience of quickplay or competitive. So, it’s the arcade that will see the inclusion of a classic FPS style Deathmatch for the first time in Overwatch.

This means that now players will have a place to go toe to toe with one another, without any objectives to worry about other than out-slaying their fellow Genji mains. At its core Deathmatch will be a mode where eight players queue up to go head to head in a free for all slay off, something long time FPS players will be very familiar with. There will also be a team Deathmatch mode where two teams of six will compete for dominance. It will be interesting to see what kind of team composition Meta players work out for Deathmatch, although it’s fairly certain Mercy will end up being a must pick as her Resurrect ability will reduce the opposing team’s score. So, suitably frustrating and unavoidable as Mercy’s ultimate tends to be.

Deathmatch will be held on reworked versions of some of Overwatch’s pre-existing maps alongside a brand-new map made for the mode called Chateau Guillard. The new map is a large mansion and it’s well suited to the new mode as in the lore it’s the family home of sniper assassin Widowmaker. It will be very interesting to see how the dev team have re-worked some of the old maps and how this new mode plays out in some familiar territory.

Both the new mode and new map are available now to try out on Overwatch’s PTR on PC now which you can download from Blizzard.

Watch the full Developer Update video here

Ellis “EZCARROT” Buckley