News tends to move fast in the Overwatch world and this week has certainly been no different.

Overwatch’s Public Test Realm, or PTR as its more commonly known, is a great place for Blizzard to test out upcoming balance patches with it player base to see what they think… It’s also a wonderful place for the more tech savvy amongst us to delve into the game’s code to get a sneak peak at what might be in store for us through “data mining”. On the 16th of August this week Reddit user Lo0Gy posted the fruits of their data mining to sub-reddit r/Overwatch and what they found, while only a few seconds long, has sent the Overwatch community into meltdown.

What Happened?

A line of text read by the calming robotic tones of Overwatch’s in-house voiceover Athena is what was found- “Welcome to Junkertown”. This new line will presumably be used to let the player know what map their game will be played on next like the pre-existing “Now travelling to Watchpoint Gibraltar”. The interesting thing to note here though, is that Junkertown is not a map that exists in Overwatch in its current state. New content alert!

This news comes in the same patch of the PTR that gave players the new Deathmatch game type played out on Chateau Guillard a new map and home of sniper assassin, Widowmaker. So it seems that new maps are certainly something the dev team have had their heads together on recently. You could also speculate to the meaning of the surprise buff to Widowmaker along with the known buffs to the Junkers, Roadhog and Junkrat, coming out with these characters seeming to get maps in their honour. Perhaps we could be seeing some kind of Widowmaker/Junkers event in the near future…? Probably not, but that does sound hilarious.

GamesCom Update

In any case, this was just speculation off of the voice line, things have been data mined before that have either led to nothing or not meant what was assumed. That is until the 17th of August this week when Blizzard teased a couple of things that they would be showing off for Overwatch next week at the world famous gaming convention, GamesCom. On the news page of their website Battlenet, Blizzard announced that “Visitors to the Blizzard booth will be able to experience a brand new Overwatch map” which they will tease on Monday. Not only that but the company will premiere one of their now hugely anticipated Overwatch animated shorts on the main stage during the Blizzard reveal ceremony on Wednesday! What does this all mean and is it linked to the Junkertown voice line? It would certainly seem likely that the company plan to show off a suitably post-apocalyptic Junkrat and Roadhog themed map, which is something that will excite both fans of the characters looking for some background and competitive players that are looking for a new playground to master.

Perhaps the bigger questions on people’s minds however are whether the two are linked, can we expect to see a madcap Junker short, and does this launch season 2 of Overwatch’s shorts? All of these questions will be answered next Wednesday, but one thing is for sure, it’s going to be explosive!

Let Us Know!

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