Last Rites present; Zapp / Czwarty / M41K3L / Cebul / MonsteR


Q: Tell us about yourself and the current roster; names, country, age. How did you personally get into Counter-Strike, any previous teams you wish to mention?

A: My name is Przemek “zapp”, I’m 24 years old and the Leader of the new CS:GO team. I live and work in Wrocław, Poland.

We are not only teammates, but also very good friends.

The team roster is filled with the following players:

Dawid “Czwarty” Postolak – 22

Michał “M41K3L” Hebda – 19

 Mateusz “MonsteR” Mnich- 18

and Pawel “Cebul” Cebula – 20

We all live in Poland, roughly the same area. My interest in Counter Strike begun in 2005. My older brother started to play CS and having a lot of fun so I was very keen to start playing as well. After the first match, I literally fell in love with the game and here I am still playing it many years later! I still have the same motivation as I had since the first time I picked the game up.

I have experience with plenty of teams but none of them were on the top level. The support then wasn’t even half way to what teams have now in the competitive scene.

Q: What are your feelings about the current Last Rites roster? Are there any particular players we should watch out for?

A: I feel very positive. Over the years I’ve played with loads of teams but this one is the best and I really think we have something special.

Like I mentioned earlier we are not only teammates, we are also friends. To succeed and to be a really good team you need to have a stable roster in which everyone supports each other- that’s how you get results, this is something we definitely have. The guys are very skilled and experienced players. They are motivated and give their best every day, I would say you should watch for the whole team because we will be big soon!

Q: As a team captain, what is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage this challenge?

A: As a team captain my biggest challenge is to establish the team and succeed not only in the Polish scene but also in the European scene. I try to study a lot of teams that are already successful, to learn their structure and different ways of playing. After that I try to share my experience with team and give as much support as I can.

Q: What online competitions are you currently signed up to? When do we expect to see the team competing?

A: At the moment, we are signed for the CEVO pre-season tournament and the ELEAGUE QUALIFIERS. In the meantime, we are also aiming to play every Friday in the Go4CS:GO Poland Cups. It’s a bit difficult with the tournaments because 4 of my players have vacations and it’s the time of the year that everyone wants to spend with families and friends. So, this month is more about resting and getting prepared to come back fresh, conquer the Polish scene.

Q: What are your long-term aspirations for Last Rites?

A: I hope our collaboration with Last Rites will be long and successful! In the future, we want to make Last Rites a well-known brand in Poland.

Q: Is there any rival teams in particular you would love to compete vs?

A: Yes, there are two of them which I really want to play against – and hopefully defeat! One of my friends which I know from CS 1.6 now plays for a well-known organization called Venatores; one of the best teams in the Polish scene. Besides that, I’d really like to play against another friend’s team, Izako Boars.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Polish CS:GO scene? do you hope to be seen as a main contender?

A: My thoughts about the Polish CS:GO scene are really positive because in CS1.6 the scene was completely dominated by our Polish Golden Boys, now known as Vitrus Pro.

They were on a different level for so many years- no one even came close. Now, besides VP, we’ve got teams like Kinguin, Pride, Izako Boars, Venatores, Pompa Team, Pact and others that compete on a very close level. VP are still the best but there are lots of teams heading in the right direction to be competitive with them, maybe even take their spot. Also, there is a lot more financial support being put into Polish esport teams, meaning people have much more motivation to work as hard as they can.

Do I see our team as a main contender? Yes, of course! We are aiming to be an even stronger team than all of them and to make history in Poland. Everyone in the team is aiming to show off what we are capable of.

Q: Looking back on all that you have done, what is you biggest accomplishment so far in eSports and what would be your ultimate achievement/goal?

A: In the past, I’ve played in and won plenty of smaller CS tournaments which were streamed and watched by hundreds of people, just not at the highest level in Poland. I have many goals but the most important one is to create a perfect team and keep moving forward step by step. The next goal is to enter and win the bigger tournaments, after that we’ll be looking to qualify for a major.

Q: Do you have any advice for players who might want to start competing?

A: My advice to all the players that want to start competing is to first create a consistent team roster. They need to create an environment where everyone is supporting each other, where you are all friends first and foremost. To achieve big goals, you need to have a great team. After that it’s a matter of training regularly and getting synchronized as a team. Motivation is key as well, it’s always hard to get started but if you keep motivated then the results will speak for themselves.

Q: Lastly, is there anything else that you would like to share?

A: Yes, I would like to say that we are very grateful for the opportunity to represent Last Rites. We are a young team with lots of ambition! I’m sure our alliance will be a long and exciting Journey. It’s a pleasure to be a member of Last Rites. Thank you!