This has been a long time coming. To start us off, i’d like to apologize for my leave of absence. I had a copious amounts of school work and my part time job became extremely demanding. Now that we got out of the way, let’s get into what you’re here for. The 2018 IEM Expo (Intel Extreme Masters). A European gaming event that showcases pro teams from a variety of backgrounds and games. Last year, LastRites had the opportunity to participate in this expo, but this wasn’t just handed to them. They played for hours a day, multiple days a week. They also watched demos and matches to see different play-styles and strategies. Our CS:GO team captain Przemek “Zapp” Grynis, goes in depth about the whole experience. Zapp and Mateusz “MonsteR” Mnich got caught up in adventuring around, and arrived at the main gate of arena at 9:40 am, where Daniel “Dakx” Kostkowski and BartÅ‚omiej “Quoted” Smolorz had be waiting. Zapp noted that their excitement outweighed their anxiety heading into the event. Once they had entered the event, they were eager to get to the MSI Stage to hop on the PCs and start warming up. The finale would take place at 11:30. After their short warm-up session, the team expected to get started in the finale, but the internet connection was not cooperating . After a long wait, the admins had finally fixed everything, and the finale began.

The MSI stage at the IEM Expo.

Now we get into the finale. The team recalls being apprehensive because they were not especially familiar with their opponents. LR had the pick of the first map. After a loss of the first round, the team adjusted, and ended up winning the match 16:5. Their second match went almost as well after the first half. They emerged victorious in the second match 16:7. This victory would win the team several prizes. The prizes would Cluster GM60 mouse, DS502 gaming headset, and a loot box with a few other surprises. Of course they also received the large trophy. All of this was streamed on Facebook, and can now be found on the official MSI YouTube channel.

After the IEM Expo, the team would attend a team-building bootcamp in Warsaw, where they would become closer as a team, and continue to develop their video game prowess. The main purpose of the bootcamp was the prepare the team for the upcoming ESEA Intermediate League and the playoffs for MAIN. As of now, the team has eight wins and four losses, which places them 30/100, but that’s only for now. Heading into the second half of this year the team doesn’t have as much time to play due to important personal happenings. But the team does plan to attend more LANS and participate in large events, like qualifiers. The team wishes to become more noticeable and feared. They’ve shown they can compete with the best and now wish to become the best.

The LR team at the boot camp in Warsaw.

The team continues to train and to watch and analyze matches. But Zapp is undertaking another endeavor in September. In September, Zapp will be married! Let us all wish him a fantastic wedding and marriage. We hope to hear more and more from this stellar team in the future. Good luck guys!