Overwatch University League- Last Rites Edition

The world of Overwatch eSports is an incredibly exciting place at the moment. Blizzard have been seemingly pouring resources into their spectator tools to give the best viewing experience to the audiences they expect at the Overwatch League. On top of that draft period is almost over for the aforementioned Overwatch League and teams have started to be announced along with their trademark in game skins- some of which look great, others… questionable.

So the Premier League of Overwatch is all set to launch, but without a £20m buy in we might be waiting a little while to see our black and red LR Tracer skin in game. So, while we wait, here at Last Rites we’ve been making moves in the Overwatch University League.

For those who don’t know, Overwatch University is a subreddit founded and comprised of players who strive to get better at the game of Overwatch. Naturally a competitive bunch, they set up their own Tournament which accepts all challengers “bronze through Grandmasters” with a goal to bring the experience of truly competitive Overwatch to the Entire community.

Players group up into teams or can form teams from the “Free Agency” tab of the website and then throw down League style against other teams in their SR bracket. It’s a great league that is currently in its third season and a fantastic way to get your name out into the world of eSports and on behalf of the Last Rites Overwatch team I’m excited to tell you how it’s been going…

First up in the tournament were the group stages. These lasted for 6 weeks, including a one week catch up period for any games that were missed. During this stage teams played a minimum of one match each week, earning points for a win until everyone in their group had played everyone. Each match consisted of four rounds played in the order of Control, Hybrid, Assault and Escort- pretty standard competitive Overwatch Fare. This kind of format promotes teams to show off every aspect of their competitive skillset and gives room for teams to have those clutch comeback matches that make eSports so fun to watch!
You can find a full list of the match results and the final group table on OWUL’s website here, go ahead and check it out: Here

Now, you may have noticed that Last Rites ended up top of our division, undefeated in the group stages. In our interview with the Shotcaller for the team, Karra, he did say that they had a lot to show us and it looks like he wasn’t joking! The team didn’t even drop a single round in a truly dominant performance, so well-done guys!

After the group stages, the top two teams from each group moved on to the playoff stage, which was set to last two weeks. The format for this stage is a single elimination tournament in which the quarter finals and semi-finals would be played on the first weekend and then the third-place match and grand finals played on the following weekend.

As you can see… They did it again! Another dominant performance has seen the team into the grand finals of season 3 of the Overwatch University League. All that is left is to play the WuTank Clan in the Grand Finals on November 11th 2017 and I think it’s safe to say that we’re feeling pretty confident.

So good luck to the team going forward into the finals, and GGs whatever the outcome! If you’d like to come by and support on the 11th you can catch all the action on the Overwatch University Twitch channel at https://go.twitch.tv/owuniversity.

Follow us on Twitter @lastritesgaming for more updates and check back here soon to hear more!

GL and HF!