Post LAN catchup...

If you caught the run down of our CS:GO team’s plans for the future you would have known that they were warming up their aim for their first LAN tournament flexing for Last Rites. Well, the show has been and gone and we thought it would be a good idea to catch you up on the highs and lows of the LAN in Krzeszowice and tell you how our LANimals got on!

The team (pictured above) arrived bright and early in Krzeszowice and immidiately set about looking for somewhere to warm up. Games were already in progress which meant that, unfortunately for us, there’d be a long wait before Last Rites could scratch the ich coming from their trigger fingers- and unfortunately that wait would actually be too long. Before the boys had a chance to warm up, they were approched by an official and told that their first game would be in 10 minutes.
Not a completely ideal start, going into the first game of a tournament cold, but the boys wouldn’t let that get them down and went into the first match as motivated as ever!

Unfortunately motivation wouldn’t be enough for the first half of the game with nerves and frustration at not having time to warm up getting the better of Last Rites, leaving the 12:3 down at half time. Nothing if not adaptable though with a little regrouping they started to pull it together to put ten 12:12 going into the 25th round! Team moral and aim warmed up the boys look set to pull ahead; that was until team captain Zapp suffered a game crash putting them at a man disadvantage and ultimately dealing the killing blow to the game for LR. Zapp also states that he and Cebul were struggling with FPS drops throughout which threw both of them off significantly.
Technical difficulties are an absolute bummer when playing in a live environment like this, especially when the boys were looking to make a comeback- but unfortunately they can’t be helped! As always, the team would pick themselves up and come back in fresh for the next round…

The next game would be far more solid for the team. After a 30 minute break to huddle up and come back refreshed, it was time to play again. After further technical issues at the opening of game two, Zapp had his PC replaced before and further shenanigans could throw the team off- nothing was going to stop them this time! The boys went 15:13 up at half time and perhaps it was the excitement of coming out of the gate swinging that would mean they got a little sloppy, dropping the second round meaning the game went to overtime. A deep breath and a regroup later and LR took the game, a huge confidence boost going forward into their next game, putting them one step away from the playoffs!
Some GGs to their opponents and a quick 5 minute break later and it was time for game three.

Game three would be the toughest of the lot with LR’s opponants being 2-0 in their games so far. Of course, nothing slows down Zapp and crew and so the bigger the challange the more they’re going to sweat out the victory! However, the set up for this game (pictured above), would not be ideal with bvoth teams playing as face to face as you can get!

Now, any sports psychologist will tell you that it doesn’t take much for something to get into an athelete’s head and completely throw them off their game. Well, with the worry of every play called out being heard by their opponents, the boys went into the game a little shaky to say the least. In an interview, Zapp aknowledged that it was the same situation for both sides but it was more bothersome that this was the situation they found themselves in at all!
Despite this the boys came very close to taking the game, being 15:12 up, a good lead. However, it seems in the last few plays of the game excitement and nerves would get the better of them again, taking the game to overtime and ultimately going to the other team.

So, not quite the result the team were looking for but LANs can be a very difficult and pressured environment. Despite the technical and organisational issues, the team admit that they weren’t playing at their best but that they kow exactly what mistakes they made. Zapp said that overall the team were very happy with their performances and took away some great lessons which they can learn from for next time. 

Here at LR were are incredibly proud of the team, they fought hard, their attitude and positivity at a live event is a credit to Last Rites, especially as it is their first LAN as a full roster- So well done boys!
All the games were incredibly close and we know you’ll show them all what you look like at peak performance next time!

That’s all from us here at Last Rites covering the Krzeszowice LAN! Be sure to follow the links below to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for more updates on future tournaments.

Thanks again and GG!