With the launch of the long awaited Overwatch League this week it has come to our attention here at Last Rights that a lot of fans of the game are still feeling lost when it comes to the eSport side of the game. It’s all well and good being a player of the game, but why should you have any interest in the professional level of the game? Who should you support? What the heck is even going on in each play and why are some games gathering more hype than others?

We’ve got you covered. Overwatch League games are played four days a week in the main season and each week we’ll be giving you the highlights and breakdowns in an easy to understand format here at Last Rights. Not just that but we’ll also be putting out team profiles for each OWL team over the next coming weeks to help you make your mind up about who to support and who to watch out for when your team comes to clash against some of the fiercest teams in the League.

At the time of writing, the first two days of matches have already been played, with some of the most hyped teams coming out and flexing what they can do in some truly spectacular fashion. IF you haven’t caught any of the games so far, and you’re not a die-hard Overwatch fan that simply has missed out, you might be wondering if Overwatch League is going to be something you enjoy. So why should you tune in? Here are just couple of reasons to check out the league, even if you’re not an Overwatch fan right now!

Reasons to Watch

The Overwatch League offers a new geographical element to the eSport format much like a lot of you will be used to with traditional sports which gives fans of competitive games in general something to get behind. After all, what’s more thrilling than rooting for your home team in Overtime? In my life outside of gaming and the internet I’m not much of a sports fan but some of the most exciting events I have watched have been pivotal sporting occasions for my local or national teams! In fact, my personal introduction into Overwatch eSports was the world cup held a few months ago by Blizzard. Even though the team I was supporting did not perform when in came down to it at the final stage of the tournament the excitement surrounding the even and cheering for my team was a lot of fun. So, if you’ve got a sporting and competitive streak in you and enjoy that local team mentality, Overwatch League might have something for you!

One of the biggest barriers for new viewers to eSports, from the conversations I have had, is that even if you are familiar with a game it can be hard to follow the fast-paced play by play action. This is certainly true for a game like Overwatch, where plays can happen at break neck speed, but the tools that Blizzard have put into place make the viewing experience a true dream. The League boasts some of the bests casters in eSports from all over the scene and a wealth of experience to help breakdown the game as it happens. The spectator tools, different perspectives and replays for example, are something that Blizzard have payed a lot of attention to over the past few months. They sit in an incredibly good spot with teams in their own colours to clearly see who is who and the spectator team able to show us any player’s perspective at any second with repays on had to catch any missed action. The viewing experience coupled with the casting really makes Overwatch as easy to watch and understand as any sport, making it a truly relaxed, accessible and thrilling experience.

Be sure to check back in the upcoming days and week for our match breakdowns and highlights of the week of Overwatch League as well as our team profiles in you’re still on the fence.

More info on Overwatch League can be found at www.OverwatchLeague.com

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