Introducing our updated Overwatch PS4 Team:

  • ‘ItsRaiyu’ Jesse, 17 (North America)
  • ‘Defyz’ Elijah, 17 (North America)
  • ‘Sixpvths’ James, 24 (North America)
  • ‘RipTheSlayer’ Tyler, 22 (North America)
  • ‘Teehtf’ 18 (North America)
  • ‘ForeverAlone231’ 22 (North America)
  • ‘Rockethiethm’ (Sub)
  • ‘i_Am_Gifted’ (Sub)
  • ‘spencer7brother’ (Sub)


(Season 4 The Overguard roster)



(Season 3 The Overguard)


Interview with Jesse ‘ItsRaiyu’ Sanchez:


Q: What got you into playing Overwatch?

A: I started playing Overwatch because I saw potential in myself. The passion I have for the game really drew me closer to it. As i climbed the leader boards, I was noticed in the community. It was then when i started to make a name for myself. Shortly after, Last Rites contacted me about a sponsorship. I thought to myself, ” A sponsorship? Man, this truly is a dream come true.” Never did I think to myself that i would be able to be officially partnered on a game that I so passionately love.

Q: As you know, Overwatch has a variety of different characters! Do each of you have a character/role that you specialize in? Or do you change things up depending on the match? Also, are there certain members of the team that we should keep an eye on?

A: I don’t like saying that we specialize in one character or role because I know that just would not be true. One of the things that I love about my team is the fact that they can play any hero in the game and exceed my expectations. Each member of my team specializes in understanding team comps which is one of the reasons why we have gotten to where we are so far. We should definitely keep an eye on Defyz (Elijah) due to his Soldier gameplay in the current meta. Not only does he provide us with call outs, but he also understands which heroes to focus on on the other team. Being the same age as me, I see him having an incredible future ahead of him.

Q: What competitions are you currently signed up for and when can we expect to see you compete?

A: We are currently signed up for the PS4 Season 4 Overguard league. This league hosts tournaments and on stream match ups between the best players on console. You can expect to see my team and I play in the following week or two. Weekends are when our matches are normally scheduled so feel free to come and watch!

Q: Overwatch has certainly had it’s share of updates as of recent. Do you like the direction the game is headed? Is there anything you wish Blizzard would change?

A: I enjoy change. Mostly due to the fact that I get to play new, exciting heroes. This current meta in my opinion is a little dull due to the fact that almost any other DPS hero is obsolete besides soldier. I believe that Blizzard’s decision to force this meta on us is a bit harsh, but I believe my team can adjust and play the roles necessary in order to take the W.

Q: What are your long term aspirations in eSports and LastRites?

A: I’ve always been a competitive person in general, not only in gaming. I believe that upcoming year of 2017 is a year in which many opportunities will present themselves. Competitive eSports will always be a passion of mine in which I can enjoy with others, but while doing it under Last Rites, it becomes something more. Last Rites, being the family they are to me, provides me with encouragement as well as information on what is to come in the future. I believe that passion for the name that play under is one of the strongest motivators one could ever ask for.

Q: Where can people find out more about your team?

A: People can find out more about my team by following us on Twitter. We are active users and provide the brightest insight on how team comps work and what the game is all about. Another way to communicate with my team and i is via the LastRitesGaming website. There, our team is posted with all the necessary information needed to get in contact with us.