The world could always use more Heroes

It is not secret that Blizzard’s team based area shooter, Overwatch, is taking the world by storm at the moment. This is doubly true in the eSport scene; the Overwatch World cup group stages have just passed sporting huge viewership and Overwatch League (Blizzard’s answer to the Premier League) is set to go off with a bang. Teams like eUnited and Rogue have been strutting their stuff in Europe for a while now and there is no arguing with the skill of those players- but at Last Rites we are getting ready to pick up speed ourselves.

That said, it’s about time that you met our Overwatch squad! As we have been doing recently, we sat down with the main support of the team, Karra, to get to know them a little bit better and hear about their plans for world domination…

Q: Tell us about yourself and the current roster? How did you personally get into Overwatch?

A: I’m Karra, currently 18 years old and trying to break into the
Overwatch competitive scene with 5 friends. We’re a group of
light-hearted individuals that want to compete and improve our game,
but also have fun since scrimming and playing in tournaments are some
of the best experiences the game has to offer. I personally
transferred from console Destiny to PC Overwatch a few months after
the OW launch. Originally I had very bad aim and naturally drifted to
playing lucio, a hero that relies mostly on positioning and
decisionmaking. Although my aim has improved lots I still love to
wallride around maps and boop people into the abyss.

Q: What are your feelings about the current Last Rites OW roster? Are there any particular players we should watch out for?

A: I feel like we’re a pretty good team. With lots of room to
improve. Every loss in a competition makes us learn and get even
better. If you would look for a star player in our team, you would
find one in Srauon. An ex Esporati player who made it through the
contenders qualifiers of season zero. He knows how to use his brains
and his mechanical skill with his favourite heroes (Genji and
Doomfist) is top tier.

Q: As in-game leader, what is your biggest challenge and what do you do to manage this challenge?

A: My biggest challenge is mostly being able to deal with pressure and
think as clearly in the game as I can afterwards. Sometimes thoughts
get stuck in my mind and never leave my mouth. Other times I can’t
find a solution to a problem that seems relatively simple once the
game is over. Luckily this problem becomes less and less prevalent as
I play more and become a more experienced shot caller. R0iv is our
main Tank and is basically our second shotcaller for engagements.

Q: What online competitions are you currently signed up to? When do we expect to see the team competing?

A: We’re playing in weekly and monthly tournaments on the ESL platform
and are signed into Overwatch University League where we’re looking
to take the #1 spot in division 1. We were unable to sign up for Open
Division this time around but if another season presents itself
we’ll sign up. If another tournament appears we’ll be sure to
participate in it.

Q: What are your long-term aspirations for LR?

A: Get better and better until we’re known around the globe!

Q: Is there any teams in particular you would love to compete vs?

A: Once we get a bit better I would love to rematch eUnited so I could
measure our progress against them. I’ve played them once before in
the contenders season 0 qualifiers. If that’s not possible then a
team like Misfits or Gigantti would be my personal pick.

Q: Lastly, is there anything else that you would like to share?

A: Always make sure to enjoy yourself even if you take something very
seriously. Or else what’s the point?

That’s all from Karra, and we can’t wait to hear more from the team especially when they start getting into full competition mode. Watch this space; As Tracer says “the world could always use more heroes”, and we’ve got some here at Last Rites to be reckoned with!

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