With the launch of Fifa 18, the latest addition into the hugely successful football franchise just around the corner we thought that now would be the perfect time to introduce the world to our resident Fifa expert and competitive player, Xquis1te. In between his planning to get the perfect team together and warming up for the launch he was kind enough to set aside some time to sit down with me and give a really fascinating interview.



EZCARROT: Ok, why don’t you tell us about yourself? How did you personally get into competitive Fifa?

Xquis1te – So I’ve played football games dating back to the early pes days, for probably 20ish years now, my interest in competition began before you could even play online comps- this was Ps2!

So, I started pes online first of all, running the national north east division for the pes national comp. Then around 2011/2012 fifa took over, it was the better game by far. The issue was the competitive scene and how to get into it. It really wasn’t until last year’s version, Fifa 17, where it really gave an easy avenue to compete via Ultimate Team Weekend League, playing 40 games over 2-3 days online to get the highest ranking across the world. Something that started as a social thing between a small group of us became a weekend addiction! I achieved multiple weekly top100 in the world finishes; the best being one weekend winning 39/40 games and coming 6th!

Not bad given the standard was higher that week and that a lot of the very big names in the game were competing. Now that clear path is there it’s something I look to explore further, doing consistently well will open other avenues for events etc.

EZCARROT: Wow, it really sounds like you’ve been having a great run competitively recently. When you started playing pes and Fifa was it something you had a natural talent for or did you have to work hard for it?

Xquis1te: I’ve played games since I was 5/6 but football games were where my strength was. I could always read the game well, anticipating people’s next moves or leading them into situations I wanted. I remember from a young age beating my friend’s ultra competitive dad set a tone. The hunger was there. I peaked around pes 2008. Played in the play.com 50k tournament qualifying to play at Wembley from thousands and thousands of online players- unfortunately coming in 3rd. But I’ve played at comps at Stamford bridge and other London venues; I used to seek out good LAN tournaments, winning xboxes, playsation ipod etc.

In recent years I just didn’t have the time to travel as much at weekends etc so thankfully there is more of an online comp scene now.

But you cant beat hard work! In Fifa 2017 I had close to 3000 games played and that doesn’t include other modes like pro clubs which we played every Monday.

EZCARROT: Certainly sounds like you’ve got a fantastic competitive pedigree and you’ve put in a lot of work to be where you are. So, when you’re warming up for a tournament or a competitive game, how do you prepare?

Xquis1te: The way I prepare is a combination of knowledge and practise. There is so much information on the game out there via either YouTube or on the web, I must have watched 100s hours of footage from the better players and content creators. The likes of Gorilla, tass, Nepenthez and A9Skills- taking their idea of what works best then applying them to my game.

Trying to play against as many good as players as possible; my brother is a quality player so before a weekend tournament he would be an ideal warm up. Playing and winning the likes of draft or div one helps me to get into the mood and build confidence.

EZCARROT: So becoming a student of the game, that sounds like really great advice and having your brother to play against sounds really useful!  Back to tournaments. What online competitions are you currently sighed up to? When do we expect to see you competing?

Xquis1te: So I’m waiting for Fifa 18 to get started. Literally 2 hours ago the web app dropped so I’ve been getting signed in and trying to create my squad for the new season, the idea being to trade my way to a competitive team. True competition will begin with the launch of the weekend league; The full retail version of the game is next Friday so weekend league is around 3-4 weeks from then. The plan this year is to produce some weekly content on best goals from the weekend too.

EZCARROT: Fantastic, that sounds like a great goal! We’ll be ready to cheer you on when that all kicks off then!

Xquis1te: Thanks, really looking forward to getting stuck into it. Early access is literally due within 6 hours. If you could see my Fifa whatsapp group now (6 of us regular players in) there’s 500+ messages! You can tell people have been waiting for the new release as its being quiet over the last 6-8 weeks as Fifa 17 has ramped down.

EZCARROT: That’s super exciting, you guys must be hyped. So with Fifa 18 coming out and the weekend league getting started, are there any particular players you would like to play against?

Xquis1te: You always want to challenge yourself against the best, but it depends how EA have worked the algorithm this year for matchmaking. Last year as long as you played all 40 games you would usually play 2-3 mins from top 100. Ideally against the hashtag players like Mike, Tass and Harry or any of the big Youtubers. I’ll be happy as long as they fix the rating system with disconnect, if a player rage quits vs you, you get the win but you get less skill points and when it comes down to top 100 in the world if a few have similar wins then it goes to skill rating. I lost out one month due to 1 too many rage quits from 160 games across the month! Literally nothing I could do but hay ho.

EZCARROT: That’s really rough! Sounds like a similar problem to Overwatch’s ranking system. So, what are you long term aspiration in playing for Last Rites?

Xquis1te: Aspirations are around playing in a completive community. If things go well, representing at some proper LAN events again, playing for some good prizes. The scene and opportunities have grown 10 fold in literally the last 12-18 months so its exciting times for competitive fifa. This year’s finals screen on BT sport etc they’re where you really want to be. If I can get to that level so quick, that may be asking a lot but I can certainly mix it up with the best of them!

EZCARROT: By the sounds of your win record I’d say that’s definitely a great thing to shoot for. And what a great time to be a Fifa Player! Lastly, is there anything else you would like to say to anyone reading?

Xquis1te: My main message would be never lie to yourself, so many Fifa players look to blame anything and everything but themselves. Bad ref, lucky deflection. 9/10 it’s your fault you’ve lost. Take an honest look at things, learn and move on.

EZCARROT: I think that’s great advice that any gamer could do well to listen to. Well, I think that’s everything! Thanks so much for your time man, and we look forward to seeing you smashing the weekend league!

Xquis1te: You’re very welcome, thanks for your time too, no doubt we will chat again soon enough.


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