This week we announced our new, extended Fornite roster; we are excited to have such talented players join us, and are ecstatic to see what the future holds. Along with their battle royale aptitude, the team brings diverse and impressive backgrounds to the table. These players were handpicked to provide top tier gameplay and engaging entertainment just for  you. I’d like to introduce to you the Last Rites Fortnite team. Joining the EU roster will be: Tekkenn, Srauon, and Brism, and joining the NA roster will be: SwolyBible and TyrelosaurusFLEX; in addition to the current NA players, Cornpops, team captain, and CyberStorm. I spoke with all of the players individually to get to know them. The team captain, Cornpops, has been playing games for a very, very long time. The game, Duck Hunt, hooked him, and he hasn’t slowed down since. Cornpops was not what you would call “naturally gifted” at video games. He discovered this when a friend introduced him to Call of Duty 4. This provided him a reason to grind, and strive to be better. Since then, he has focused on providing spectacular gameplay, while sharing his personality with his stream. Fortnite was the only battle royale that he could play competitively; this was due to the lack of a pc, but now he’s flourishing. He says, “I’ll always strive to be better and better because we are always improving, and I’m glad that LR wanted me on board to lead this team.” Cornpops also says, “We will go places together.” We hold great faith in Cornpops, and we believe he will do a stellar job leading the team. Tekkenn and Srauon, are a duo to look out for, and we are very excited to have them on our Fortnite Roster. Both boast beyond impressive stats, and both competed in the Epic Games, Fortnite, Summer Skirmish; they placed 19th, securing them $7,500. These two excellent players competed with best, and came out with respect, and a pretty hefty amount of cash. Both knew each other from Overwatch, and both earned some impressive merits; especially Srauon who has taken 1st place at three ESL tournaments, as well as a  1st place spot at the Lenovo Legion, LAN event in Hungary. Tekkenn’s aspirations include, “Fragging out and destroying kids.” Both players aspire to compete on stages of LAN events with the best of the best. Coming to our two new NA players, SwolyBible and TyrelosaurusFLEX. Both of these players come from different games; Tyrel comes from the Counter Strike series, while Swoly comes from Destiny. These two both got their start in gaming early, just like the majority of the team. Despite working full time jobs, they compete with the best Fortnite players out there. They boast impressive stats, and have a deep love for the game; really looking forward to seeing these guys in action! Last but definitely not least, we have Brism and CyberStorm. Brism, originally born in the US, moved to Germany at a young age, and began to play video games in his youth. He was first introduced to E-Sports, when he played League of Legends, around the ages of 13 to 14. In addition to absolutely ridiculous Fortnite stats, he was in the top .1% in Destiny. He dreams to be on the LAN stage with thousands of people watching. Cyberstorm also comes from Destiny, and is a extremely good Fortnite competitor, the similarity that all these players share. Now that you’ve been introduced to the team, make sure to stop by their streams, or follow them on twitter, to get to know them even better! We could not be happier with this roster, and are so content that these great friends and players have joined our organization.