Last time we checked in with our Overwatch superstars here at Last Rites they were fresh off a sweeping, no-nonsense victory in the Overwatch University League and now they’ve done it again. Our Lanimals have been out flexing their skills at their first LAN as a team and, spoiler alert, they brought home the trophy!

This was the Lenovo Region tournament in Budapest organised by Thewarroomhu, and it was set to be a tough fought day for Last Rites. Unlike the OWUL, the boys were fighting for more than just the bragging rights and the chance to improve against some great players; this time teams would be playing for a prize pool. Total prize pool for the tournament was 2k+ euros with first place taking home 1360 of that. So, with that, the bragging rights and the chance to shine that Last Rites teams are always hungry for, its safe to say that our Overwatch squad had their game face on

The team arrived the evening before, the latest arriving past midnight and as tempting as it might be to stay up all night getting hyped like competitive gamers do, the early start the next morning meant rest was top priority.  At 8.30am, the team grouped up and headed to the event to get set up. As usual the organisers at the event were fantastic and took care of the team quickly, but unfortunately there were a slew of technical difficulties to get sorted before the matches kicked off.

This time round it was the microphones in the headsets provided that were less than ideal. During the warmup period provided ROIV has some issues with his mic that once sorted didn’t leave the team with a lot of time left to get warmed up! When I spoke to Karra, one of the team’s support players, he told me that after these mics caused Lafayette to be muted in game one of the finals and Variance muted in game two they were very hot on constant mic checks through what was left of the tournament. A good move, because what is Overwatch without communication? Quickplay.

Karra informed me that going into the tournament Last Rites knew they were the favourites to win but there was no room for complacency. The competition was still full of incredibly skilled teams, a new player from Esuba for IDM was a particular concern, and so taking each game as a fresh challenge and staying focussed was still key which was evidenced by the first stage of Nepal, openining map of the semi-finals, which the team lost. However, they took a collective deep breath, approached the game logically and made a switch. Reinhardt and Zarya out, and Winston in and with a switch to a more traditional dive comp the team would come back swinging to take the map.

The finals were, in Karra’s own words, “really, really close even though it was a 3-0”, and he was not exaggerating. Frequently in competitive Overwatch we see a team get rolled, and that’s what you’d expect to have happened when you see the score line. The finals, however, were a very hard fought and well-deserved win for Last Rites. Above and below you can find some clips of standout plays from that series which really swung the games in the favour of LR. A certain Reinhardt play from ROIV really showed off his game sense as he blocks a Riptire, then an Earthshatter and then swings around to deliver his own shatter to win the teamfight with some great follow-up from the rest of the team. King’s Row has always been a map that LR excel at because of the great Rein/Zarya lineup we can field. Below you can find just one of the many insane moments that came out of LR’s 4 minute hold on Hollywood, flexing the strength of their triple tank defence.

The tournament finished with Last Rites taking a very comfortable victory on the aformentioned map and as humble as the team are, in our interview Karra admitted that they “just went off and played really well”, which is certainly no overstatement.

Karra nominated Tekken to be the team’s MVP for “consistent play throughout the tournament, some nice bombs and the fact that he performed to well especially as he hadn’t played all week due to being in Rome”. Tekken also pulled a 72% kill participation in the first game of the tournament which really show you how on fire he was. His great Zarya and play were a huge asset to the team, so GG Tekken!

It’s been an absolutely outstanding performance from the team and I’m sure, like us, you can’t wait to see them show up and dominate again soon! Last Rites are already entered in the official Blizzard Overwatch Open season and are honing their skills and tactics in scrims as we speak. After that, it’s onto Overwatch Contenders. Its exciting stuff and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

Congratulations again, guys. GGs.

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