Interview with a high skilled chicken dinner hunter... WundA

At Last Rites we’re getting to know all of our competitive players in each game that we’re getting ready to shake up the scene of. Strategic, battle royal style FPS, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (or PubG) is no different! The game is still in early access and so we thought there would be no better time than now to give you an early access interview with one of our PubG stars, WundA. I sat down with WundA to talk coming up in the competitive eSport scene, what it takes to be a great PubG player and his plans to take home all the chicken dinners Last Rites could eat…

Ok, so why don’t you start by telling us about yourself and how you got started with gaming?

My name is John, I’m 29 years old and live in a small town in Leicestershire, England. I’ve been playing games since 2000 (yes, 17 years!); I started off by playing Counter-Strike at my local LAN centre and just fell in love! I was playing competitive CS within my first year of playing and was attending LAN events. 17 years on I have attended over 60 LAN events all of Europe and the USA! Esports has been a huge passion of mine for many years and I doubt I’ll ever grow out of it.

Wow, sounds like you’ve had a really active competitive career so far. Has CS traditionally been the main game you’ve played until recently?

Yes, CS has always been my “main” game. I have played many other games for fun but I always find myself coming back to CS.

Right, that’s where a lot of great FPS players have cut their teeth so it makes a lot of sense. I hear that you’ve been playing a lot of a little game called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds at the moment, how did that start?

A few of my friends had brought the game and recommended I give it a go; at first I was a little unsure and although I thought the game was fun it didn’t really go much further than that. As i continued to play the game and the game developed more, however, I just enjoyed it more and more and started to see that it could have a huge competitive edge to it. I started to watch the eSport scene to see what the reactions were like and found that everyone had jumped on board! I knew straight away that this was going to be my next competitive adventure.

It really has been growing incredibly quickly ever since its release. The pace of PubG looks like its a lot slower and more considered than a twitch shooter like CS. Would you say that is true and does it put you under more pressure when playing?

Absolutely it does, however I believe it actually suits my play style more than others. I’m quite happy holding one position for a length of time without moving and don’t tend to get twitchy!

Patience is key then! I don’t know if I could handle the pressure. So, what skills have you found have transferred well from you competitive CS days into Competitive PubG?

I think in general all of it is pretty much transferable. Of course, I have to adapt to differences in game but my reactions, game sense and general experience of playing in pressured situations hasn’t changed. I have spent a lot of time learning the game mechanics, for example the recoil patterns of each weapon, to ensure I have the upper hand in each battle.

It really sounds like you’ve got a very clear idea of the things you need to be in control of in order to win. Do you have any competitions coming up?

Currently there are very few competitions around due to the game still being in early access. We are currently playing events on and are awaiting duo events on pro.pubg, Curse Trails and Global Loot League. Once the game has been officially released I’m hoping to see ESL Pro League and that will absolutely be our main focus above all others.

That’s a really clear plan, can’t wait to see you dominating in the ESL League when that gets started! Do you have a regular duo partner?

Yes, his name is “Toko”, he’s been playing just as long as me and is just as passionate. Toko was chosen to play for team England and team UK for CS many moons ago! We both had very different cs careers with Toko staying within the UK scene whereas I moved out into playing in the European scene.

Wow, so you’ve both got a really impressive competitive pedigree! Definitely a team to be feared. What are your aspirations for playing as a member of Last Rites?

We’re both old… both been around for a long time and understand that our CS careers are long behind us. However, we both have found that PUBG has reignited something inside us and we’re hungry to compete once more. We intend to use all of our experience and knowledge to win and have no intention of showing any mercy.

Fighting talk, I like it! Are there any players in particular in the scene that you’d like to play against?

I’m not going to call anyone out but I’d like to play vs some of the top streamers to see how we compete.

Very diplomatic! Awesome, looking forward to seeing you go against the best! So, finally, do you have any advice for players getting into PubG and any last message you’d like to give?

I think the absolute best advice I can give is learn from your mistakes. Forget how you died and think more about why you died. Also, unlike in any other FPS game I’ve played, you don’t need to kill everyone you see… Sometimes being unseen and unheard in PubG is more critical to winning than having all the kills! Lastly, I’d like to thank Last Rites for giving myself and Toko the opportunity and we intend to do our very best for the organisation!

That is really great advice, I think a lot of players could learn from being reflective and it’s great to get an insight! Thank you very much for your time WundA, it’s been a pleasure and we can’t wait to hear about all the chicken dinners you’ll be bringing home!

Thank you, we love chicken!

We cannot wait to catch up with WundA after the game comes out of early access and the real competitions begin, we’re sure he and Toko are going to take the scene over! Make sure to follow us on Twitter below for more updates!